Pulseiras Murano


Pulseiras Murano criado com materiais de qualidade, produzidos no coração de Veneza. Nós oferecemos uma ampla gama de jóias de vidro veneziano e pulseiras com desenhos contas , cores e acabamentos originais , usando apenas a mais alta qualidade contas venezianas disponível. Murano, o berço da arte antiga de contas de vidro veneziano . Pulseiras de vidro com esferas em ouro e folha de prata , vidro e pequeno submerso valiosa para essas pulseiras feitas de vidro Murano.

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Murano Jewelry

Murano Glass jewels: Murano Glass Jewelry, Jewellery at Murano Store. You can find all glass jewelry collection like Accessories, Bracelets, and Necklaces with Venetian beads, Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Cufflinks.

Glass jewel Italy Glass Jewellery Glass Jewelry Glass jewels Italy Glass jewels Murano Glass Jewellery Murano Glass jewels Murano Glass Murano Jewelry Italy Murano JewelryMurano Store is specialized to sell genuine artistic Murano Glass objects. All the murano glass objects are made using ancient techniques by artisan of murano glass island. The products are certify and guaranty as 100% Murano glass manufacture. We guaranty at the same time the most affordable prices & the highest Quality Selection.
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How to Choose Glass Chandeliers:

Murano glass chandeliers

There is a joy and satisfaction in things of beauty. And what else can equal to that joy when we have those articles of beauty around our homes and living spaces. Among those things, today we are going to talk about Murano glass chandeliers. A chandelier gives any living space a deep sense of depth and vitality through creating and adding ambience. These chandeliers come in countless sizes, shapes and forms and due to this amazing versatility; it’s often confusing and challenging to choose the right one. Well, let’s talk the issue then.

Size it up:

Murano Table lamps

It’s necessary to take size into great care. First thing to consider is the size of area where you want to hang chandelier; big or small. Meanwhile, you would need to see how surroundings are to be filled. Both there is much furniture around and what’s the type of that furniture. It’s heavy or it’s smart and slim. Considering such issues dramatically help in choosing the right chandeliers. Trick here is only finding the right balance between size, surrounding and your chandelier. Big
Murano Glass Lighting
around smart wood furniture articles won’t give it life. It would rather, kill it. To our clients, we insist them not to madly experience. Instead stick with classicism – there is endurance in it. And if you haven’t yet bought your furniture, there is a simple tip. Add the length and width of your room and what you get is diameter of chandelier. Meanwhile, for the height a one 32-25 inches above the Murano Table lamps is a good and secure hanging position.


glass chandeliers

Ambience, yes we mentioned it above. Chandeliers are more than a delicate décor hanging from the ceilings. They create engaging and heartwarming ambiences around their surrounding spaces. But, adjusting those ambiences at the right points isn’t always easy enough. Ambience settings, we call them. Instead of creating direct, harsh and crying light out of chandeliers, it’s better casting soft, warm and cozy beams of light collectively falling over area of focus. For that purpose, we can add dimmer switch as well. We all love glass chandeliers for their world class durability and powerful flexibility for moldiness. To take the best life of these décor articles, keep them toning for different colors across different clock times. If you are interested in finding more ideas about Murano glass, keep us following.

Explore the enduring beauty with Glass Jewels

beauty with Glass JewelsBeing a human what really allures your instinct,being more specific, what makes a woman adorable? Of course exquisite colors, picturesque amalgamation of different elements and colors are quite appealing for women. What makes an artist to think beyond the imagination, well, of course it is the craving of the beauty that is prevalent in an artistic mind. From the ancient times, women are habitual to embellish themselves with ornaments, stones and beads. But I follow the idea that beauty is not all around, it is what that exists in you, As Scottish Philosopher David Hume has splendidly sum up this idea,

     “Beauty in things exist in the mind which contemplates them”

An artistic spectrum is incomplete if it lacks the delicacy and elegance that is the blend of exquisiteness and worth. If I talk about embellishment or the apparent renovation, I would say the glass jewelry is classy than any other thing.Women are crazy about adopting new fashion and trends. This is all about leaving the old for a new look.

What‘s new in glass jewelry:

new in glass jewelryGlass jewelry offers you everything you need in jewelry. The ardent lovers of beauty will fall in love in glass jewels because of its lively colors and uncountable designs and textures. Murano glass beads speak much about your taste and style of fashion. Here is a whimsical array of glass motifs with different textures and patterns that make you feel living in heaven. The glass really has the power to unveil another world before you. A true woman can know the sterling beauty of glass and how it can affect the personality. The eye catching fashion jewelry introduced by world’s renowned brands have given a new look to women’s dignity and posture.

Glass truly represents women’s approach:

Explore the enduring beauty with Glass JewelsYes, if someone wants to know about the nature of a woman just looks at her choice. It will tell you what nature she possesses. To make it easier, if you want to know about a woman take her to shopping. Woman’s inclination towards beauty represents their fragile nature, and their love for Murano glass jewelry truly represents that she is sensitive, with tender feelings. Her approach towards life is just like the clearness of the glass; she wants to glorify herself in domestic and matrimonial matters and wants to shine like a glass jewel.

The wish of every woman:

Looking superior to others is a wish of every woman, and what makes her look different from others drives her instinct to search and explore the new means to acquire beauty and decency. That’s why sometimes she appreciates gold and silver, and sometimes transforms herself in platinum and sometimes she tries to follow her fervor in stones, her eagerness does not end here. She desires to radiate like a titan, and spread the rays of beauty like Goddess Helena. Murano Glass necklace and pendants are something that gives her awe-inspiring look. The secret of ultimate beauty lies in glass charms. You will feel more valued with pictorial and multi colored glass fashion jewelry and art jewelry.

427381_10150996518358318_72471485_nI am sure this classic collection of glass ornaments will grab your attention, which is more economical than platinum. You can have it all effortlessly, so just wear it and enjoy the enduring beauty. Take my words.