Murano Store c’est la boutique en ligne pour l’achat de l’artisanat d’art. Nous sommes spécialisée dans la vente des verres d’art et produits artistiques soufflé de notre fabrique de Murano, en particulier dans le domaine de l’éclairage, de la fourniture des compleménts pour la decoration, des bijoux luxueuses italiens et articles, objets pour les cadeaux d’entreprise, cadeaux de Noël. Murano Store travaille avec des dessinateurs et architectes d’intérieur. Tous les articles sont fabriqués en verre de Murano en utilisant d’anciennes techniques artisanales de la très célèbre de l’île de Murano en verre. Les produits sont certifiés et garantis avec la marque du magasin Murano synonyme de qualité et de fiabilité dans le même temps, tout en garantissant des prix bas et une sélection de produits de qualité supérieure. For Your Business Solutions, Murano Store est en mesure de fournir des solutions pour le contrat. Nos œuvres de verre sont nécessaires pour des applications spéciales pour les hôtels, restaurants, boutiques de luxe, des bureaux, des banques, des bateaux, des aéroports. Notre vieille tradition à votre service pour créer des pièces sur demande. Découvrez nos propositions directement dans la galerie des verres.

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier 00

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier


Murano Glass chandelier

Glass Chandeliers, Glass Chandeliers Murano, Glass chandelier. Murano Store why do you buy a Murano glass chandelier from our shop? Because you buy a precious one directly from our furnace blown factory of Venetian island, without any wholesaler, retailer or large distributor intermediates.


Murano Glass chandelier

       Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier 2

Murano Glass Animals


Murano Glass Animals Such As Turtles, Swans, Dolphins, Cats, Dogs, Elephants, Owls, Slugs, Snails, Ducks, Fish Ball Manufactured In A Traditional Way By Hand. The Achievements Thus Become Collector’s Items, Gift And Awards.

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Murano modern lightings like suspension lamps, crystal borosilicate chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, lighting systems, sconces, floor lamps and tables.

When it’s for Love, it’s From Murano

It does not take Shakespeare to describe love to beloved. All it takes is a small and beautiful gift with flowers. That’s it. Valentine ’s Day has passed and many of us enjoyed it by reminding our sweethearts of our love for them. Some of us might have given diamond rings as our tokens of love, and other of us might have given flowers only. In love, there is no scale available which would tell how much you love your sweetheart in numbers.

We at Murano glass shop too celebrated our Valentine’s Day, with a promise to Love and care and respect. After all, it’s all your care, your attention, your understanding, your availability which speaks of your love.

Murano glass and Valentine’s Day, they both share a long and very powerful history together. Every year, millions of people present their loved ones with gifts, mostly made of murano glass. These glass presents are symbolic for love relations as they reflect a rich promising story of same care, elegance, flexibility and durability which a relationship needs to thrive upon. Meanwhile, these gifts give you a chance to enjoy the prolific heritage of famed Murano Island in the Venetian Lagoon.

You might ask, why Murano Glass only?

There is a reason. Murano glass in today’s glass industry is what architecture was in Egypt. The very distinct and breath-taking labor of glass started off in Venice, before ancient Romans learnt this art from Venetian artists. Fast-forward all this history spreading over centuries, to today. Murano is Silicon Valley of crazy glassmakers, glass artists, glass jeweler. Nowhere in the world, are people better at glassmaking art than those at Murano glass shop.

That gives Murano glass objects a definition of rich history and culture. When you purchase any genuine Murano Glass article, be sure as day that you are getting only the best on earth. You would never have to worry about the quality, as the very ordinary glass artisan from Murano is better than good somewhere else.

Now, what are possible gifts options?

Well, lot of. You can choose heart shaped pendants, necklaces and earrings are just the start of story. Meanwhile, there are cufflinks, barware, home decors and any other glass thing which can ever cross your minds. Why not see at our glass objects catalogue at Murano glass shop?

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

How to Choose Glass Chandeliers:

Murano glass chandeliers

There is a joy and satisfaction in things of beauty. And what else can equal to that joy when we have those articles of beauty around our homes and living spaces. Among those things, today we are going to talk about Murano glass chandeliers. A chandelier gives any living space a deep sense of depth and vitality through creating and adding ambience. These chandeliers come in countless sizes, shapes and forms and due to this amazing versatility; it’s often confusing and challenging to choose the right one. Well, let’s talk the issue then.

Size it up:

Murano Table lamps

It’s necessary to take size into great care. First thing to consider is the size of area where you want to hang chandelier; big or small. Meanwhile, you would need to see how surroundings are to be filled. Both there is much furniture around and what’s the type of that furniture. It’s heavy or it’s smart and slim. Considering such issues dramatically help in choosing the right chandeliers. Trick here is only finding the right balance between size, surrounding and your chandelier. Big
Murano Glass Lighting
around smart wood furniture articles won’t give it life. It would rather, kill it. To our clients, we insist them not to madly experience. Instead stick with classicism – there is endurance in it. And if you haven’t yet bought your furniture, there is a simple tip. Add the length and width of your room and what you get is diameter of chandelier. Meanwhile, for the height a one 32-25 inches above the Murano Table lamps is a good and secure hanging position.


glass chandeliers

Ambience, yes we mentioned it above. Chandeliers are more than a delicate décor hanging from the ceilings. They create engaging and heartwarming ambiences around their surrounding spaces. But, adjusting those ambiences at the right points isn’t always easy enough. Ambience settings, we call them. Instead of creating direct, harsh and crying light out of chandeliers, it’s better casting soft, warm and cozy beams of light collectively falling over area of focus. For that purpose, we can add dimmer switch as well. We all love glass chandeliers for their world class durability and powerful flexibility for moldiness. To take the best life of these décor articles, keep them toning for different colors across different clock times. If you are interested in finding more ideas about Murano glass, keep us following.

Murano Store


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Glass Chandelier from Murano in crystal and gold in 3 lights with high quality inserts like the gold leaf hot. Each piece is worked only by hand. The lamp is composed of cups, leaves and one or more flowers. With the product, we provide all the wiring for Europe and / or USA, instructions for installation, after-sales service in case of breakage. We make custom pieces upon request. Packaging under vacuum.

In Love with Glass Objects? This Is Your Read

In Love with Glass Objects This Is Your ReadGlass is half filled or half empty, how often we have heard this question? Psychiatrists take glass as a tool to measure psychometrical behavior of their subjects. Archaeologists measure the age of history through traces of glass found in their archaeological sites. Anthropologists use glass to learn more about culture and life styles of earlier civilizations.
I have laid my all interests in knowing the beauty and charms being naturally invested to glass and which can be best seen in ornate Glass Chandeliers of Gothic church and to crystalline moldings of freshly vandalized murano glass jewelry.
For this time, let’s converge our energies in finding its persona as unbeatable decorative material.

Modern Glass Buildings – Are They Failing Our Histories Old Maxims?

Modern Glass BuildingsWe know glass is really an interesting subject to talk about. From its primordial history to its contemporary use in decors, everything about it is really fascinating. Forged from pure grains of sand, it can come in exquisite ten thousand forms and shapes.

In a single breath, I can say 20 times ‘don’t throw stones at others when you yourself live in a glass house’. I am afraid its exaggeration and I am glad I realized it rather quickly. Anyways, the point is, we know this old adage almost since when we first spoke first babbling vowel sounds.

I never realized its meaning until I have seen people living in glass houses. Now, there are large and spacious glass buildings; hospitals, offices, colleges and many others. They attract our senses because they look inexplicably exotic and beautiful. ‘Don’t throw stones at others while living in glass house’. This wisdom rings truly absurd as long as these buildings are concerned. These glass buildings can’t be broken with mere stones, they are rather bullet proof. Glass becomes unbeatable when it comes to beauty. Light being reflecting and producing vivid ambiance rising sun is a scene to see all along the life.

Why Women Love Glass Objects More Than Anything

Why Women Love Glass Objects More Than AnythingGlass is of course beautiful and we have seen that it’s durable too. This is why we see ladies elevating their beauties with murano glass jewelry and people decorating their homes with Italian Chandeliers. But it’s just a start at the subject. There is a world of benefits resting with glass objects.
Elders tell us that a home without ‘feminine presence’ is no home. How ironic is that women don’t think of men this way, instead they believe a house to be no house devoid of glass objects and glass decorations. Nevertheless, they are right in sustaining this argument. Men don’t comply their delicate aesthetics but glass does. Glass shares so many common attributes with their gender. It’s reflects different shades under varying lightings and women also share different moods under varying times.

Glass Ornaments are Durable and Often Inexpensive

Glass Ornaments are DurableWell, glass is of course inexpensive, cheaper than uranium and platinum and from gold and silver as well. But when molded into shapes of art and ornaments, it may become expensive than whole world. Don’t freak out, it was a cheap joke.
Glass blowing and molding is rather inexpensive which makes glass object comparatively cheaper than other ornaments. Most commonly used in murano glass jewelry and home decorative, these glass decorations don’t fall heavy on pockets. You can buy them easily, keep them in home or even gift your friend at their new born baby fiesta.

Glass Decorations – Live Superior in Glass Interior

an05papere_0000Glass has 5 millenniums of companionship with us. It has been both praised and disparaged for its mystical charms and beauty. It’s sophisticated, highly adaptable and yet durable. Those who were bent towards its beauty, made jewels and ornaments of it and those who were confused, attributed different omens and superstitions to it.
Nevertheless, in modern age glass has turned out to be the biggest source of home decorations and office furnishings. Let’s see latest glass decoration trends being followed in interior designs.

Glass for Interior Design:

t03_0001I have more than often seen around home decoration magazines and even in movies, celebrities enjoying any luxurious suite with crystal glass chandelier, oriental rugs. It always stirs my sensation for glass decorations.
Modern use of glass isn’t limited to jewels and ornaments only. Glass these days is being used for much more than simply making jewelry. It’s widely being used in interior design to lighten up homes and workplaces and hotels.
Common home glass decorations include vases, jars, cups, sculptures, photo frames and other beautiful bottles, bowls and cups etc. On the other hand, corporate buildings use glass interiors rather more expensively. Full glass covered elevators, glass stair cases, glass crannies, glass furniture and room dividers etc, aren’t any new for our sights.

Mesmerizing Glass Art:

murano_glass_goti_de_fornasaIf you love jewelry, chances are you must be a big fan of glass jewelry such as ear rings, pendants or beads. The best thing about such jewelry is its mind blowing beauty and fascinating craftsmanship. In most cases, it’s handcrafted.
As far as home decoration is concerned, with modern beautiful glass objects, it was never as easy as is now. From bathroom to TV lounges and from kitchen to bedrooms, each space can be brought up to life with glass ornaments. Glass ornaments used as ornaments can be as small as a fruit dish and can be as splendid as light flooding chandeliers. Depending upon your aesthetical sense, you can choose from huge collection of home decorations.

Interesting Glass History:

001552_0000In first century A.D, men learnt the art of mold blowing that consequently enabled men to create glass objects into any shapes that they liked. These shapes could be sculpture of any god or goddess or it could even be their favorite animal. They used to keep these objects into their homes for both as decorations and good fortune. Importance of glass objects could be gauged by those long held superstitions which said breaking glass would cause years of bitter disappointment or worse yet death.

Trendy Glass Decorations:

fm46066_d_0000For centuries glass artists have wished they could manipulate glass; cut it to shapes, etch on it and imprint long lasting rich colors on it. Now that imprinting rich colors on glass objects is possible, glass industry has found new life and use among modern commonplaces.
As an integral part of decorations, various glass objects are widely in use. If you have special appreciation for interior decorations or better yet you are an interior designer, you will love new and trendy glass decorations.
Lacquered glass, commonly referred as painted glass comes in rich lively colors that make it perfectly applicable for furniture articles, table tops, kitchen shelves and wall paneling. Possibilities are endless after you open your arms for glass art in your home decorations.