Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelierGlass Chandeliers, Glass Chandeliers Murano, Glass chandelier. Murano Store why do you buy a Murano glass chandelier from our shop? Because you buy a precious one directly from our furnace blown factory of Venetian island, without any wholesaler, retailer or large distributor intermediates.

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier


Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier



Murano Jewelry

Murano Glass jewels: Murano Glass Jewelry, Jewellery at Murano Store. You can find all glass jewelry collection like Accessories, Bracelets, and Necklaces with Venetian beads, Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Cufflinks.

Glass jewel Italy Glass Jewellery Glass Jewelry Glass jewels Italy Glass jewels Murano Glass Jewellery Murano Glass jewels Murano Glass Murano Jewelry Italy Murano JewelryMurano Store is specialized to sell genuine artistic Murano Glass objects. All the murano glass objects are made using ancient techniques by artisan of murano glass island. The products are certify and guaranty as 100% Murano glass manufacture. We guaranty at the same time the most affordable prices & the highest Quality Selection.
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Murano Store c’est la boutique en ligne pour l’achat de l’artisanat d’art. Nous sommes spécialisée dans la vente des verres d’art et produits artistiques soufflé de notre fabrique de Murano, en particulier dans le domaine de l’éclairage, de la fourniture des compleménts pour la decoration, des bijoux luxueuses italiens et articles, objets pour les cadeaux d’entreprise, cadeaux de Noël. Murano Store travaille avec des dessinateurs et architectes d’intérieur. Tous les articles sont fabriqués en verre de Murano en utilisant d’anciennes techniques artisanales de la très célèbre de l’île de Murano en verre. Les produits sont certifiés et garantis avec la marque du magasin Murano synonyme de qualité et de fiabilité dans le même temps, tout en garantissant des prix bas et une sélection de produits de qualité supérieure. For Your Business Solutions, Murano Store est en mesure de fournir des solutions pour le contrat. Nos œuvres de verre sont nécessaires pour des applications spéciales pour les hôtels, restaurants, boutiques de luxe, des bureaux, des banques, des bateaux, des aéroports. Notre vieille tradition à votre service pour créer des pièces sur demande. Découvrez nos propositions directement dans la galerie des verres.

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier 00

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier

Glass Chandeliers, Glass Chandeliers Murano, Glass chandelier. Murano Store why do you buy a Murano glass chandelier from our shop? Because you buy a precious one directly from our furnace blown factory of Venetian island, without any wholesaler, retailer or large distributor intermediates.


Murano Glass chandelier

       Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier 2

How to Make Sure that Your Murano Glass Chandeliers are Original

Original means many things for many people. In works of art, we relate those works as ‘original’ which were ‘first’ and had no precedents before them. This context gives these works a unique life which bears the testament to human bent towards innovation, creation and expression.

In our industry, Murano glass Chandeliers belong to that ‘original’ tradition, which centuries after centuries have arisen to the only proven standards of elegance and endurance. All great things are copied and so goes with these glass chandeliers as well. There have been hundreds and thousands of people selling their imitations as Murano Glass andfrankly speaking, differentiating the original from imitation is not always that easy when it comes to glass chandeliers.

Located off the shore of Venice, Italy, the island of Murano is to glass what Paris is to perfumes. Today Murano remains a destination for tourists, and art and jewelry lovers alike.Murano’sacclaimed reputation as a house for glassmaking was born when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction to the city’s mostly wood buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291. This is when glass makers came together in one city and leapt into new concepts and ideas and turned them into every possible glass objects. Different trends and techniques came out of their keenness into glass industry.

History of 800 long years shows that work of Murano masters is nothing short of miracles in this entire period. With imitations of classical antiquity in one hand and enameled glass in the other, glass was crafted into every possible shape, molded into every possible structure, blown into every color theme and was made into every possible commercial size.

Today these master pieces from middle ages can be found in museums such as Glass Museum in Murano. With all this popularity and appreciation for Murano glassware, some fraudsters find an opportunity to deceive Murano glass lovers. So, in order to make sure that you are not one of those deceived ones, we have some nice things to share.

Now back to Murano glass chandeliers.

First, if you ever come across any glass chandeliers which you think is Murano glass, check for any labels, etchings, stamps or signatures telling the brand name. No branding means no Murano, and if you find any names or shapes saying Salviati, Barovier, Toso, Mandruzzato, Venini, Barbini or so, you can at least reduce your doubts. In such times, best thing is to take some HQ pictures of your glass article and send them to the brand experts for identification and verification. Murano Glass has been dealing with Murano glass for many years and can help you with such requests for free.

Or better yet, why not buy from trusted and well reputed brand Frenchise of Murano Glass Chandeliers?


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Murano Store is specialized to sell genuine artistic Murano Glass objects, particularly in the field of lighting and murano glass chandeliers, furnish decorations and home decors for your house, exquisite jewels and small glass objects ideal for special wedding gifts and favors, presents and souvenir for promotional and corporate gifts, business presents, christmas gifts. All the murano glass objects are made using ancient techniques by artisan of murano glass island. The products are certify and guaranty as 100% Murano glass manufacture. We guaranty at the same time the most affordable prices & the highest Quality Selection. For your Business solutions, Murano Store can provide to supply you for the contract furnishing projects. We collaborate with interior decorators, architects, interior designer. Our particular glass ophras like murano chandeliers are requested for special applications as well hotels, restaurants, luxury villas, palaces, local shops, offices, banks, boats, airport halls…Our Staff are completly available to give you supports, informations and assistance for your glass projects. Our murano glass millenary tradition at your service to create, produce and sell uniques custom piece. Discover all the suggests we have prepare for you.


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Murano Glass Animals


Murano Glass Animals Such As Turtles, Swans, Dolphins, Cats, Dogs, Elephants, Owls, Slugs, Snails, Ducks, Fish Ball Manufactured In A Traditional Way By Hand. The Achievements Thus Become Collector’s Items, Gift And Awards.

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Murano modern lightings like suspension lamps, crystal borosilicate chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, lighting systems, sconces, floor lamps and tables.

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Glass Chandelier from Murano in crystal and gold in 3 lights with high quality inserts like the gold leaf hot. Each piece is worked only by hand. The lamp is composed of cups, leaves and one or more flowers. With the product, we provide all the wiring for Europe and / or USA, instructions for installation, after-sales service in case of breakage. We make custom pieces upon request. Packaging under vacuum.

The evolution of glass objects

The evolution of glass objectsI have never seen original colors on any object so perfectly as on Glass objects. I can see the fire and light both in the same object; this is the evidence that glass beads are natural. So many tales are attached with it; people consider these glass beads are nature’s tears. So here is beauty in the sadness of the nature, keeping it on other side pearls are extracted from the depth of the sea, with different colors and hues these glass beads are the source of attraction for us. Here are so many techniques that have been used in the past to shape the glass beads.

Ancient techniques of making glass objects:

Ancient techniques of making glass objectsBut I think the best technique are that had been used in ancient time, by using such technique you can get the classic form of glass beads that can utterly represent their class. Here are the two most famous methods like core-forming and casting and the third one is Mosaic Glass. The design and patterns that had been used in earlier time’s had made the glass items and glass objects worthwhile for the upcoming generations. That’s why I just love to tell you about the ancient methods of forming glass objects and how marvelously Murano glass shop has adopted these classic methods to bring for you the classical form of glass objects to revive the ancient artistic beauty back to this modern world.

The ornamentation of glass objects:

The ornamentation of glass objects The glass beads basically used to adorn the body. The glass jewelry we found in ancient times consists of glass beads that are used to wear on neckline, as bracelet, and embellished the crown, clips and on the dress. However in Egyptian civilization these glass beds are used only by elite class. Murano glass beads in the making of glass beads is following the same tradition with innovation by making jewels that are made for personal adornment. Glass casting the technique used in glass formation is the method followed by placing molten glass into a clay sculpture called mold to harden the glass object. Murano glass casting deploys different processes like sand or metal sculpture for framing and designing the glass objects.

Can you make glass objects by using techniques?

With core forming glass technique, glass artist can shape and form the vessels by using the kernel in the middle. Artist can easily form the molten glass, can color it and can easily apply handles and rim if it is the making of vessels.
Glass objects that are considered luxurious is only due to its beauty and the artistic touch that just cast a spell on onlookers. Although glass jewelry is not the result of modern advancement but the credit goes to modern advancement that has not only preserved glass formation techniques but introduces some more techniques that has made the glass objects the part of our life, we are surrounded by glass objects now a days.

Glass chandeliers beautyThe lighting that sooth our eyes is the charisma of modern glass technique that is called hand blown glass making technique. Murano chandeliers that are produced by the Murano artists has boost up the modern lighting concept. Now people are well known how beneficially we can use glass to décor our houses, offices and building by using the glass chandeliers that is not so much expensive but elegant.

Ideas inspired by the beauty of the objects

beauty objectThe world is surmountable; nothing is invincible in this world. The beauty of the world is only to inspire you, so that you can explore the truth, the excellence of the great Artist. The same is the case with our ideas what we feel and think we just shape these ideas into objects. Certainly these are the objects that have given life to our ideas. Ideas without objects always live in the air, A man cannot idealize until or unless his ideas are not concrete, we will not consider him an artist until his ideas are not visible I the form of objects and what are objects, it may be a canvas or an idea displayed on clay, or may be glass.

Artistic excellence is dependent on the natural objects.

huge-modern-chandeliers-iNow a day’s ideas needs to be highlighted, ideas are not only the piece of artistic excellence it is to inspire a common man who is not aware of any artistic style but he is overpowered by the grandeur and the shading of lights and colors that just transform his feeling and he is ready to do something higher.Murano glass chandelier has the special effects on the mind of a spectator. The combination of lights and colors makes it amazing and you cannot resist of your feeling to be in the world of lights and colors. These smashing lights can give you a feeling of strength on your side as if the world is at your feet. The charm of glass chandeliers is working overtime and nobody can resist the charisma they are giving out. Whether these lights are fixed in superstore or in your house, these are to enlighten not only your dwellings but also to your inner soul.

Glass objects are similar to the nature of women:

antiques glass picMurano modern lightings are made by passion and meditation. Inspired by the beauty of women you can see that these lightnings are just like a lady in an Arthurian poem delicate, full of shine, transparent and of course presenting the colors of life. The soft light of the chandeliers will invite you to live in the world of dreams almost to the point where you won’t to wake up. The euphoria created by these lights will take you into the world of revelations. You might be tempted to use this magic of light for seduction to get what you want from your closed ones. Imagine if it works for you, what surprises you can get from your closed ones.

Inspiration is a faith:

table lampsThe right way to be inspired is to have faith on the objects around you to support you. This is the brainwave that can open up new opportunities for you; just an idea or a thought and you can find the way out or the solution to succeed. The auspicious environment created by Murano table lamps offers you to stop struggling and let out the longings and your aspirations to someone who’s willing to listen. In this illuminated and quixotic environment you can work out to achieve your goals with your and talk it over until things seems clear. You will never feel shy to talk about your future endeavors. The encroaching light can give the power to your feelings and undoubtedly your emotional energy will allow you to obtain your goals.