Murano Glass chandelier

Glass Chandeliers, Glass Chandeliers Murano, Glass chandelier. Murano Store why do you buy a Murano glass chandelier from our shop? Because you buy a precious one directly from our furnace blown factory of Venetian island, without any wholesaler, retailer or large distributor intermediates.


Murano Glass chandelier

       Murano Glass chandelier

Murano Glass chandelier 2

How to Make Sure that Your Murano Glass Chandeliers are Original

Original means many things for many people. In works of art, we relate those works as ‘original’ which were ‘first’ and had no precedents before them. This context gives these works a unique life which bears the testament to human bent towards innovation, creation and expression.

In our industry, Murano glass Chandeliers belong to that ‘original’ tradition, which centuries after centuries have arisen to the only proven standards of elegance and endurance. All great things are copied and so goes with these glass chandeliers as well. There have been hundreds and thousands of people selling their imitations as Murano Glass andfrankly speaking, differentiating the original from imitation is not always that easy when it comes to glass chandeliers.

Located off the shore of Venice, Italy, the island of Murano is to glass what Paris is to perfumes. Today Murano remains a destination for tourists, and art and jewelry lovers alike.Murano’sacclaimed reputation as a house for glassmaking was born when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction to the city’s mostly wood buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291. This is when glass makers came together in one city and leapt into new concepts and ideas and turned them into every possible glass objects. Different trends and techniques came out of their keenness into glass industry.

History of 800 long years shows that work of Murano masters is nothing short of miracles in this entire period. With imitations of classical antiquity in one hand and enameled glass in the other, glass was crafted into every possible shape, molded into every possible structure, blown into every color theme and was made into every possible commercial size.

Today these master pieces from middle ages can be found in museums such as Glass Museum in Murano. With all this popularity and appreciation for Murano glassware, some fraudsters find an opportunity to deceive Murano glass lovers. So, in order to make sure that you are not one of those deceived ones, we have some nice things to share.

Now back to Murano glass chandeliers.

First, if you ever come across any glass chandeliers which you think is Murano glass, check for any labels, etchings, stamps or signatures telling the brand name. No branding means no Murano, and if you find any names or shapes saying Salviati, Barovier, Toso, Mandruzzato, Venini, Barbini or so, you can at least reduce your doubts. In such times, best thing is to take some HQ pictures of your glass article and send them to the brand experts for identification and verification. Murano Glass has been dealing with Murano glass for many years and can help you with such requests for free.

Or better yet, why not buy from trusted and well reputed brand Frenchise of Murano Glass Chandeliers?


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