Realizing the glass art—A complete pleasure

A complete PleasureHere are so many people who love art and keep an artistic eye over each and everything that looks creative and inventive. But I think being an art lover or having interest in art is inapt to understand the undercurrents or simply you can say the artistic sense behind the masterpiece created by the artist. Above all, glass art admirer should know what style has been adopted by the artist and what techniques are implied to fashion the glass object. Or else I would say the people have only interest in art, they don’t have the artistic sense or unaware about the thought behind magnum opus. I am not talking about

“Art for art’s sake”

It is a stratagem that backfired; in fact this idea is associated with non-descriptive paintings. So that people can find pleasure and pure delight in pieces of art. Simple is that, people should know the essence of art and about the color, line, shape, space, composition used in an art work which demonstrates the artistic capabilities of an artist that how beautifully he has demonstrated the entire idea.

Evolution of glass art:

Evolution of glass artWhile writing about the glass art, I would like to introduce before you, how glass art is developed and what renowned names of the world are behind it, glass art that is adding worth to the interior of your home is a contribution of world’s great artists who put life to the trivial pieces of glass.

Certainly like all other art, glass art has also passed form the stages of evolution and now we are able to see the outstanding and remarkable pieces of glass art. International art deco was founded in 1925 in Paris under the banner of “Exposition Internationale des ARTs DÉCOratifs et Industriels Modernes”. This initiative was taken to give a boost to glass art and glass industry as well. The main objective of this society was associated with to introduce elegant style in glass art. Based upon the idea, to underscore this art by assuming geometric patterns is associated to make Murano glass art more fashionable. Art glass commonly referred as Studio glass is basically hand blown.

Kiss and tell:

Art Nouveau is inspired by the idea of ambivalent aspects of natural world, the combination of art and craftsmanship with the implication of applied art and tremendous effervescent graphic work is a step forward to the revival of modern decorative arts.

The modern trends of glass art:

At Murano glass shop, designers attempt to achieve the fusion of art and craft so that you can have a perfect décor at economic stimulus. The decorative objects fortify your spiritual thoughts. The outstanding layouts, illustrations, graphics demonstrates the symbolist art. The “total work of art” referred as Gesamtkunstwerk is a work of hand blown, color twist and enameling.modern trends of glass art

The modern glass décor is accomplished by using the flash glass practice. That is excessively used in the making of Murano Glass lamp. The glass décor has revolutionized our life style to such an extent that jubilation should be incomplete if we missed Flute funnel glass. The splendor of our lifestyle should be lesser or incomplete if we ignore the doors, windows, floor made of frosted glasses that add worth to the entire décor of your home. Certainly this entire new series of home interior has boosted our spiritual as well as aesthetic pleasure.


Explore the enduring beauty with Glass Jewels

beauty with Glass JewelsBeing a human what really allures your instinct,being more specific, what makes a woman adorable? Of course exquisite colors, picturesque amalgamation of different elements and colors are quite appealing for women. What makes an artist to think beyond the imagination, well, of course it is the craving of the beauty that is prevalent in an artistic mind. From the ancient times, women are habitual to embellish themselves with ornaments, stones and beads. But I follow the idea that beauty is not all around, it is what that exists in you, As Scottish Philosopher David Hume has splendidly sum up this idea,

     “Beauty in things exist in the mind which contemplates them”

An artistic spectrum is incomplete if it lacks the delicacy and elegance that is the blend of exquisiteness and worth. If I talk about embellishment or the apparent renovation, I would say the glass jewelry is classy than any other thing.Women are crazy about adopting new fashion and trends. This is all about leaving the old for a new look.

What‘s new in glass jewelry:

new in glass jewelryGlass jewelry offers you everything you need in jewelry. The ardent lovers of beauty will fall in love in glass jewels because of its lively colors and uncountable designs and textures. Murano glass beads speak much about your taste and style of fashion. Here is a whimsical array of glass motifs with different textures and patterns that make you feel living in heaven. The glass really has the power to unveil another world before you. A true woman can know the sterling beauty of glass and how it can affect the personality. The eye catching fashion jewelry introduced by world’s renowned brands have given a new look to women’s dignity and posture.

Glass truly represents women’s approach:

Explore the enduring beauty with Glass JewelsYes, if someone wants to know about the nature of a woman just looks at her choice. It will tell you what nature she possesses. To make it easier, if you want to know about a woman take her to shopping. Woman’s inclination towards beauty represents their fragile nature, and their love for Murano glass jewelry truly represents that she is sensitive, with tender feelings. Her approach towards life is just like the clearness of the glass; she wants to glorify herself in domestic and matrimonial matters and wants to shine like a glass jewel.

The wish of every woman:

Looking superior to others is a wish of every woman, and what makes her look different from others drives her instinct to search and explore the new means to acquire beauty and decency. That’s why sometimes she appreciates gold and silver, and sometimes transforms herself in platinum and sometimes she tries to follow her fervor in stones, her eagerness does not end here. She desires to radiate like a titan, and spread the rays of beauty like Goddess Helena. Murano Glass necklace and pendants are something that gives her awe-inspiring look. The secret of ultimate beauty lies in glass charms. You will feel more valued with pictorial and multi colored glass fashion jewelry and art jewelry.

427381_10150996518358318_72471485_nI am sure this classic collection of glass ornaments will grab your attention, which is more economical than platinum. You can have it all effortlessly, so just wear it and enjoy the enduring beauty. Take my words.