Glass Decorations – Live Superior in Glass Interior

an05papere_0000Glass has 5 millenniums of companionship with us. It has been both praised and disparaged for its mystical charms and beauty. It’s sophisticated, highly adaptable and yet durable. Those who were bent towards its beauty, made jewels and ornaments of it and those who were confused, attributed different omens and superstitions to it.
Nevertheless, in modern age glass has turned out to be the biggest source of home decorations and office furnishings. Let’s see latest glass decoration trends being followed in interior designs.

Glass for Interior Design:

t03_0001I have more than often seen around home decoration magazines and even in movies, celebrities enjoying any luxurious suite with crystal glass chandelier, oriental rugs. It always stirs my sensation for glass decorations.
Modern use of glass isn’t limited to jewels and ornaments only. Glass these days is being used for much more than simply making jewelry. It’s widely being used in interior design to lighten up homes and workplaces and hotels.
Common home glass decorations include vases, jars, cups, sculptures, photo frames and other beautiful bottles, bowls and cups etc. On the other hand, corporate buildings use glass interiors rather more expensively. Full glass covered elevators, glass stair cases, glass crannies, glass furniture and room dividers etc, aren’t any new for our sights.

Mesmerizing Glass Art:

murano_glass_goti_de_fornasaIf you love jewelry, chances are you must be a big fan of glass jewelry such as ear rings, pendants or beads. The best thing about such jewelry is its mind blowing beauty and fascinating craftsmanship. In most cases, it’s handcrafted.
As far as home decoration is concerned, with modern beautiful glass objects, it was never as easy as is now. From bathroom to TV lounges and from kitchen to bedrooms, each space can be brought up to life with glass ornaments. Glass ornaments used as ornaments can be as small as a fruit dish and can be as splendid as light flooding chandeliers. Depending upon your aesthetical sense, you can choose from huge collection of home decorations.

Interesting Glass History:

001552_0000In first century A.D, men learnt the art of mold blowing that consequently enabled men to create glass objects into any shapes that they liked. These shapes could be sculpture of any god or goddess or it could even be their favorite animal. They used to keep these objects into their homes for both as decorations and good fortune. Importance of glass objects could be gauged by those long held superstitions which said breaking glass would cause years of bitter disappointment or worse yet death.

Trendy Glass Decorations:

fm46066_d_0000For centuries glass artists have wished they could manipulate glass; cut it to shapes, etch on it and imprint long lasting rich colors on it. Now that imprinting rich colors on glass objects is possible, glass industry has found new life and use among modern commonplaces.
As an integral part of decorations, various glass objects are widely in use. If you have special appreciation for interior decorations or better yet you are an interior designer, you will love new and trendy glass decorations.
Lacquered glass, commonly referred as painted glass comes in rich lively colors that make it perfectly applicable for furniture articles, table tops, kitchen shelves and wall paneling. Possibilities are endless after you open your arms for glass art in your home decorations.